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Dress Code:

The RAC is a private members' club.  The club is insistent that its dress code should be strictly observed.  Although men are not required to wear a jacket and tie, they must wear the following: a shirt with a proper collar (not a soft collar), a proper pair of trousers, and shoes. That means no sports wear, jeans, or trainer type shoes.  Likewise for the women smart casual means smart casual!  If you are refused entry by the RAC club you will not be eligible for a refund of any registration fees paid.  Please read the RAC Dress Code.


Your entry is not confirmed until you have paid your registration fee.  Places will be given in the order that payment is received.  Everyone else will go on a waiting list in case players drop out.  Once a flight has been filled, a player unable to attend will only be given a registration refund once their place has been refilled.

The Masters and Invitational flights are open to all players regardless of playing level.  You can only play in one flight. Players in either flight can enter the Super Jackpot but only Invitational flight players can enter the Invitational Jackpot.

The Invitational flight has two elements. Friday is a stand alone More Swiss competition, Saturday and Sunday is the RAC Invitational.  Players may enter either or both.  Each has a maximum of 64 players.  Players in the Friday or Saturday/Sunday events may take part in the side events which start Friday evening. 


Participants can’t use any of the other facilities, restaurants, bars, sports areas, or lounges. The only exception is if they are actually staying at the club when of course they can use everything.

The bar will be in the St. James room.  Non RAC members will have to pay for their drinks when ordered.  Filtered water will be available at no charge.  Prices are standard RAC members rate.

Food - Lunch can be pre-ordered for all days and paid directly by all players. A menu will be provided in advance of the event and prices will be at the discounted members rates. Note that due to the large numbers , only those who pre-order can be served on the day. We will be writing to all entrants nearer the time.

Evening - There will be a Buffet Dinner available, this again requires to be pre-ordered and paid for directly on the same basis as the lunch. The only difference is this will offer hot food options.

Backgammon Rules:

The standard rules as set out in the UKBGF Rules and Code of Conduct will apply in this competition. A copy of these will be available for inspection at the event.  The TDs may be called to make rulings during play.  Players can appeal their decisions; these will go to a ruling committee comprising of respected backgammon players at the event.

Clocks and Equipment:

All matches are clock mandatory.  Players will be expected to provide their own timers. Where a dedicated timer is not available, players may use a phone app timer.  The clock settings for all matches are 90 seconds per point with a 12 second delay, except for speed events and consultation doubles.

There will be boards available at the venue, but we recommend players bring their own boards where possible.  The use of baffle boxes is optional.


Main events will always take precedence over side events.


After draws have been announced you will have 15 minutes to start your match.  Absent players will forfeit the match after this time.  Waiting players are required to let the TDs know if their opponent has not turned up when they sit down. 


You will be permitted a 45 minute lunch break.  There will be a lunch period announced but players unable to take a break at that time must inform the TDs.  Players leaving the building must make sure they are back in time for their matches. A signing in / out book will be available to facilitate this process.

The TDs reserve the right to adjust any aspect of the tournament where it is required for the smooth running of the tournament and to enable the tournament to finish at an appropriate time.

The Tournament Directors and the Royal Automobile Club reserves the right to refuse entry to players or to ask players to leave if they behave in an inappropriate manner. If you are asked to leave after play has commenced, you will not be eligible for any refunds of registration, entry or side pools in the competitions that you have started.

The tournament directors are Andrew Selby and David Potter.

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