The Masters and Intermediates follow a slightly different Qualification Saturday and Knockout Sunday paths.

It has been designed to give at least three matches to everyone each day.

Registration 9.30am
Play starts 10.30am
Lunch 1pm to 2pm

Play starts 10.30am
Short break only


Saturday qualification will be 9 points Undefeated, 7 point fighters. The last 8 undefeated and last 8 on one loss will go through to the Sunday Main. Everyone else plays in the Sunday Consolation.  If you lose in the first round of the fighters you can play in Saturday's Lucky Loser competition.

Sunday's format below


On Saturday you will be in a group of sixteen players where five will qualify for the Main by winning 3 matches. If you lose 2 matches there will be an additional chance to qualify for the Main.

Sunday will have 32 players in the Main and 32 in the Consolation.  First round Main and Consolation losers get a second chance in the Consolation. Anyone losing their third match (including byes) will go into the Last Chance.