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Registration: Activities

Choose the event for you


Registration £70*
Entry £250
Limited to 96 players

Masters 13 point Double Elimination

Consolation 11 point Knockout

Last Chance 7 point

(Prize split 60/30/10 between Main, Consolation & Last Chance inc. £250 to the Lucky Loser)

Side events

100% return on all entry prize pools & side pools.

*£10 discount for UKBGF & RAC Members


Registration Friday Open Swiss £20 + £20 Entry

Registration Saturday & Sunday £45 + £20 Entry
Limited to 64 players per day


Swiss competition with 5 or 6 rounds.  Payouts will be to players who are undefeated or on one loss.

Saturday & Sunday

Saturday Main Event - Triple chance qualifier

Sunday - 32 player Main and Consolation + Last Chance
You will also be able to take part in any of the side events that are available.

Note that there is no ELO restriction on entry

*£5 discount for UKBGF & RAC Members on Saturday/Sunday only​

The RAC Club have a dress code. Please read the RAC Dress Code for full details.  If you are refused entry because of how you are dressed you will not get a refund on your registration fee. 

The St James room has been set aside with a bar. A sandwich lunch and buffet dinner is available and must be pre-booked.  The prices are the standard RAC club members price.

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